As you know, that by using any drugs wrongly some side effects may appear. So it is the same with Xanax Bars

Mostly people that use Xanax Bars tolerate the effects of the medication pretty well, if side effects do appear, they are usually minor and do not require any special treatments.

It recommended that you follow your instructions, and if you have any question you can always consult with your healthcare provider.

Most Common Side Effects

These are most common Xanax Bars side effects:

• Drowsiness;
• Fatigue and tiredness;
• Coordination problems;
• Irritability;
• Memory problems;
• Increased appetite; 
• Speech problems;
• Talkativeness;
• Unusual dreams;
• Feeling warm;
• Constipation;
• Increased salivation;
• Nasal congestion;
• Decreased appetite;
• Weight loss or weight gain;
• Difficulty urinating;
• Menstrual problems;
• Dry mouth.

Need to Report

If you notice any of the following side effects, it recommended that you inform your healthcare provider about it:

• Depression;
• Lightheadedness, dizziness, or fainting;
• Problems with balance or falling down;
• Suicidal thoughts;
• Anxiety, excitation, or agitation;
• Hostility, aggression, or rage;
• Hallucinations;
• Yellow eyes or skin;
• Signs of an allergic reaction.

Always take your drugs exactly as they are prescribed for you, it is the best way to avoid side effects and reach good results.