These are some of the warning and precautions for people that are starting to take Xanax Bars:

• Keep in mind that Xanax Bars may be addicting, do not take more Xanax bars or for a longer term without your healthcare providers’ advice.

• After a while of taking the drug, if you stop taking it suddenly – withdrawal symptoms may occur. You may need to take lower and lower doses to stop taking Xanax Bars safely

• Xanax Bars may interact with list of other drugs.

• Elderly people should be careful with Xanax Bars, they should take lower doses because they are more sensitive to the effects of Xanax Bars.

• If you are pregnant, it is best that you consult with your healthcare provider before taking Xanax Bars when pregnant. Xanax Bars may harm your unborn baby.

What to tell your healthcare provider?

You should tell your healthcare provider if you have any of the following conditions:

• Glaucoma;
• A history of drug or alcohol abuse;
• Depression;
• Liver disease, including liver failure or cirrhosis;
• Kidney disease, including kidney failure;
• Lung problems or breathing problems;
• Any allergies.

Do not forget to mention, if you are:

• Pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant;
• Breastfeeding. 

Also tell your healthcare provider about every drug that you are using or used recently. Do not leave out any information about your medications.