Xanax Bars are used to treat the following conditions:

• Anxiety
• Panic disorder. 

Xanax Bars are one of the “benzodiazepines”, these are some of the effects they make to the body when taken:

• Reducing anxiety; 
• Causing sleepiness; 
• Relaxing muscles; 
• Stopping seizures;
• Impairing short-term memory.

Use in children

Till now, Xanax Bars are not approved to be used in children. 
It is recommended that before using Xanax Bars in children you should consult with your healthcare provider about it. 

Firstly always consider the risks and the benefits of the drugs in children before using them in children.

Off-Label uses

You healthcare provider may prescribed Xanax Bars for other uses than the ones that are on the original label. Do not worry about this, these are called “Off-Label” uses, many other medications have other confirmed off-label uses.

Xanax Bars can be used for treating the following Off- Label treatments:

• Agitation 
• Insomnia
• Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).